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Most people think I’m nuts when I say I like meetings. But I do. Meetings do not have to suck! They can be informative, interesting, challenging, exciting, even fun. Meetings are at the heart of a successful organization.

I’ve been to thousands of meetings over the years, good meetings, bad meetings, big and small. I helped develop the visual presentations for many of them or managed the group that developed the visuals for many of the meetings. I have seen presentations that announce new products, new organizational structures, sales pitches for millions of dollars of business and billion dollar buyouts and mergers.

The success of a meeting communication can be the next step to new business, a promotion or a new direction for a company. Bad meeting communication can be a sign of a failing organization, a new product or service that will go no where, and/or a potential career killer for the presenter.

My own career in the meeting communications business started back in 1979 at Ohio University’s School of Communication. At the time “Organizational Communication” was a new area of study at OU. I could not imagine where a degree in Org. Comm. would lead me, but I found the study of organizational communication fascinating, and today I passionately believe good communication is the key to successful organizations.

I am a partner in a company called eSlide. We’re a graphic design company that specializes in presentation graphics. We produce visuals that are more than pretty PPT slides, but electronic slides with visual value that enhance a meeting communication. Good speaker support visuals can be a critical component in a successful meeting communication.

In today’s world of information overload at the speed of a Google search, good communication is more critical than ever for the success of an organization. You can’t possibly present “all” the information at a meeting, but need to present a summary of the most important information and present it fast – because at the speed of business today, your audience has the attention span of a crackberry addict, getting a fix of email, news, stock updates, and a Google search at the touch of a button any time, any place.

Meetcom.com is my place on the wild world of the internet to share my ideas, thoughts, and resources on “meeting communications”. Note that this site represents my opinion and my opinon only and does not reprsent views, or opinions of eSlide, LLC.

Your comments, suggestions, ideas, and feedback are always welcome.

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