A Meeting that I’m Glad I Missed

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Eight years ago, I was headed into New York City for a client meeting.

I was traveling into the city on NJ Transit, just outside the Newark Train station where on a normal day, if you have a window seat you get a great view of the amazing New York City skyline from across the river. But the amazing view turned into the most horrific view of seeing the North Tower smoking like it was a long monster cigarette.

When I reached the station, it was still unclear if it was an accident or attack, but I got off the train, called my client, canceled the meeting and caught one of the last trains out of NYC that day to watch the rest of the horror on TV. Today, I will stop what ever I am doing at 8:46am and watch the anniversary memorial ceremonies and will say a prayer for those who died, the survivors, their families and friends, and most of all for peace in the world.

Maybe their would be more peace in the world if political leaders knew how to facilitate and participate in more effective meetings?