7 Tips for PowerPoint presentation success

September 8th, 2011
  1. Plan your PowerPoint production ahead of the night before you present, the less you plan ahead, the more pain ahead
  2. Start with a good looking and functioning PowerPoint template. It makes the production more efficient with better results
  3. Begin developing your content from the view of your audience and results you want – what do they want to see and hear? Details or summaries?
  4. If you’re not a graphic artist – call one. PowerPoint is easy to use, but it can’t make you an instant designer.
  5. Keep it simple and short with more visuals than just text. Humans are visual animals.
  6. If you are presenting live, be sure your technology works well before the meeting (check laptop with projector, and audio in the room)
  7. Practice. Practice. Practice. Present.

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