Obama Speaks to Applause Meter

February 25th, 2009

Let’s pass a new law against the childish, partisan applause meter during joint congressional speeches!

He has four years to prove if he is going to be a good president, but it is clear to me that Obama is one of the best speakers of our time. I thought he had another great speech last night to a joint session of Congress. This is not to say I agree or disagree with the content, although an excellent delivery of tough economic policy plans may make them easier to understand, paying higher taxes is never easy to accept.

Photo from NYTimes - http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/obamas-speech-52-million-plus-tv-viewers/As a meeting professional what I really object to is the POOR audience performance.  I find it very disappointing to watch these events and the childish like reactions of the senate and congressional members. Can someone PLEASE tell these highly compensated government officials to GROW UP! The non-stop bi-partisan applause meter is old and tired. Seeing House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi sitting on the podium grinning, and leading over the top applause with every bi-partisan win – with an in your face, we won, we rule applause is not what I want to see from my government leaders. Seeing the now minority party sit with their angry, glum looks while the majority party stands, grins, shouts and applauds wildly for their “wins” is just showing the country how our leaders continue to be greedy, selfish, and divisive rather then the cohesive group we need  NOW more than ever to work together to solve the nations and world problems. As Obama said in his speech, at this point it does not help to assign blame, but look at what went wrong, how it went wrong, fix it, and make it work better for the future.

And if they are going to applause wildly for anything, let it be about something they actually did accomplish, not about some law they passed that may or may not accomplish anything.

Joe Biden or someone, PLEASE tell the congressional, and senate leaders to behave like respectful adults at the next joint session, at least put on an act like they can work together to solve our enormous challenges ahead of us rather than root and holler like they are watching a football game or televised Survivors Council meeting vote.

If you have a connection to the white house please pass this message on.

Photo from NYTimes Article  http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/obamas-speech-52-million-plus-tv-viewers/

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