Why would anyone not use slides?

December 15th, 2007

Maybe because your presenting at a meeting on a small tropical Island that has
no electricity. To me having a meeting without projected visuals is like professional carpenter refusing to use a power saw or other power tools that would enhance his ability to complete the project at the highest quality and in the least amount of time.

Sure there are there are a few situations that may be better to avoid the
slides, but I personally can’t imagine many that would not benefit from the
addition of visuals to help focus the meeting participants on the key messages
of the meeting.

In 20 years of assisting speakers develop effective visuals to support their
communication, I have never heard the complaint “that was a great meeting, and
those slides were a big waste of time”. I have heard the opposite plenty of times
that the enhanced slides helped make it a great meeting.

I would love to find a research study, where a presenter used slides with a speech one day and did the same speech the next time with no slides and measured audience response and memory of content.

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